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Estate and Probate

Our estate and probate attorneys can help you protect your estate and family by helping prepare your will and appropriate powers of attorney to ensure that your estate is handled properly and in accordance with your wishes.  Our attorneys can also assist in forming trusts or guardianships and advise trustees and guardians in the proper execution of their duties.

If you have recently experienced a loss, our estate attorneys can also help you through the probate process, whether or not your loved one left a will.  Unfortunately, the death of a beloved parent or other family member sometimes leads to disputes among those who are left behind and grieving. If you believe you have been unjustly cut out of a will or shortchanged on your inheritance — or if you are an administrator or executor in need of solid legal guidance — our attorneys are here to help.

You can work personally and directly with an experienced estate attorney at our firm. We will assess your position and provide clear, honest and balanced legal advice if you need:

  • Efficient navigation through all aspects of the Georgia probate process, focused on protection of your interests as an administrator or trustee
  • Representation as an heir or beneficiary who suspects undue influence, forgery of a will or other wrongdoing that adversely affects your inheritance rights
  • Assistance in forming or administering trusts and guardianships, or advice on whether a trust or guardianship is right for your needs